Friday, August 28, 2009

Rob's Obs updating again

Greetings all! I'm back from holidays after 4 glorious weeks in sunny Italy. I've been blissfully unaware about the weather in southern MB over the past month, but I'm sure I experienced more summer weather in the past 4 weeks than the past 2 years in Winnipeg!

My website has been updated with weather data from my weather station in Charleswood, and I'll try to get the blog going again in the next few days.


  1. Welcome back Rob.

    Weather wise you did not miss anything good unless you became a duck while in Italy. Its been cold rainy and overall kinda miserable. The ground is the wettest I can ever remember for this time of year.

  2. Welcome back Rob. Other than a couple nocturnals (one producing loonie hail), it's been pretty dull weather here in Winnipeg over the past month. Word on the street is that we hit our depressing "9 months below normal" record :(

  3. Good to be back. After 4 weeks of 30-35C heat and sunny skies, it's nice to get some comfortable temperatures.

    It was sure nice however to go 4 weeks where weather was never a factor in your plans. It was always nice.. whether to go the beach, to the pool, a nice evening meal outside, an early morning walk, etc etc.. That's what I will miss.. dependable weather!

    By the way, my backyard rain gauge picked up 137 mm of rain between July 30th and August 27th. My station reported 57 mm of rain on July 30-31st, which would bring my July rainfall to 207 mm! (although it doesn't appear anyone else in Winnipeg recorded that much rain in July) My station also recorded about 80 mm during August..

  4. Welcome back ROB . Don't know about July but your August stats seem low for West Charleswood...There was a severe storm last Wednesday and thursday in Hdgly. Still excessive amounts of water on the BB Golf Course on Friday . And the fields along Wilkes Asssin Forest to Perimeter looked like rice paddies.

  5. Good to see you had a great time Rob!

    Welcome back!

    The question is will August become the 9th month below normal????

    It will be very very close to normal!!!

  6. Hi Rob

    Dan here. I am the new weather station that has popped up in Silver Heights. Glad to see your station is back online again; it is a great reference for tracking systems as they cross the city.


  7. Another Dan on the blog! Welcome to the Winnipeg mesonet Dan! Enjoy your weather station.. the Davis Vantage Pro is a great unit.