Thursday, November 25, 2010

Latest storm summary.. over 40 cm in Winnipeg past 7 days

The third major snowfall of the past week continues over southern MB today, with a general 10-15 cm reported over much of the region since Wednesday morning. In Winnipeg, about 15 cm of snow has fallen up to 8 am this morning, with an additional 2 to 5 cm expected today before it winds down later today into this evening. Just a week ago, much of southern MB was still snow-free, but 3 significant snowfalls in the past 7 days have produced over 40 cm of snow in Winnipeg, transforming a bare snowfree landscape into a winter wonderland. This is now the snowiest November in the city since 1996 when 62.8 cm was recorded.

Unofficial snowfall amounts past 24 hours to 8 am...

..Charleswood.. 14 cm (42 cm past 7 days)
..St. Vital.. 15 cm
Brandon.... 12 cm
Carman .... 11 cm
Pinawa .... 12 cm
Gilbert Plains ... 10 cm
Hodgson .. 15 cm
Miami ... 13 cm
Narcisse ........ 10 cm
Oakbank ...... 14 cm
Piney .... 12 cm
Portage la Prairie .... 16 cm
Neepawa ...... 10 cm
Schanzenfeld ..... 13 cm
Snowflake .... 13 cm
Stony Mountain ..... 11 cm

We should get a break from the snow Friday into the weekend, with the next threat of snow coming Sunday night into Monday as another storm system passes through the Dakotas.


  1. Winds have really picked up here in the Red River Valley and with some light snow still falling things could be dicey for the commute home!

  2. Those storms that tripped up at the 49th last year seem to be drifting further north this year... Thanks to Nina??

    Dan GF Is ND seeing a reduction this year or is it .a less dense quality to the precip. LOL

  3. Jim...I've been thinking the same thing. Over the last few years, all the big storms have seemed to miss us just to the south. This year all the big storms have missed Grand Forks just to the north...finally we are getting our turn.

    Total snowfall of about 13cm in Steinbach so far. According to RADAR, we should pick up another couple cm tonight before snow finally ends.

  4. I do know the past 2 have turned up quite a bit farther north than what the long rang models showed. I think that there is so much energy in the pacific coming onshore B.C. and the Washington coast....that there is a bit more northern bias. Our local climate person in the office had mentioned in his outlook for the winter the best chance for above normal snowfall would be the northern areas of ND versus southern ND.


  5. Another 5 cm today in Charleswood today.. storm total up to 20 cm here! Looking at radar we still have another band of light to moderate snow coming through with another cm or two before it finally ends.. so it looks like the 20-25 cm group will be the winners this round!

  6. This snow band just won't go away!
    It's just sitting over Winnipeg!

    20 -25 cm!

  7. I'm calling the final storm total at 13cm in Steinbach. We received very little snow today, only about 1-2cm, so amounts have not changed much from last night.

  8. Snow is finally over, but not before another 3 cm in that moderate band of powdery snow this evening. Storm total at my place: 23 cm! That makes 50 cm in the past 7 days. Last winter, I recorded 68 cm for the entire season!

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