Monday, August 30, 2010

Thunderstorms, heavy rain likely over southern MB this afternoon/tonight.. severe storms possible southeast

A sharp frontal zone over southeast MB today combining with a wave of energy moving in from the southwest will lead to the development of showers and thunderstorms over southern MB today into tonight, with areas of heavy rain likely as well as the potential for locally severe thunderstorms with hail and strong winds mainly over SE Manitoba. Heavy downpours are likely with thunderstorms, with rainfall amounts of 20-40 mm in a short period possible over southern MB including the RRV. Locally higher amounts are possible where storms regenerate over the same area. The activity is expected to merge into a large area of heavy rain mainly north of Winnipeg through the Interlake regions tonight where 50-75 mm is possible by Tuesday.


  1. Some thunderstorms rolling through now... nothing too big so far.

  2. Immediately South and East of Winnipeg including Ft Garry and St Vital seem to have the most . To 1030am these are the CWB accumulative rain totals since 7am

    Steinbach 16.76mm
    Landmark 16.51
    Glenlea Stn 8.64
    Sanford 7.62
    E St Paul 7.37
    White Ridge 5.08

  3. A good 15-25 mm with heavier storms rolling though southern RRV this morning. A new line of cells developing over NE ND moving towards Emerson may bring additional heavy rain towards the US border as they train along the SW-NE axis.

    Main front has moved a little further east this morning, pushing east of a Sprague-Fargo ND line. That frontal boundary may head back a bit west this afternoon.. but it appears the main threat of severe weather will be confined mainly over NW MN and NW Ontario later today into this evening, possibly brushing extreme SE MB.

  4. Rob!
    132 mm of rain so far this month!
    I"m sure that is well above average but is that record territory???

    We could add another 20 mm to that total this evening looking at what is to come!

  5. Just talked to my parents in Elie and they are round after round of heavy thunderstorm!

    Looks like they could pick up a few inches tonight!!!

  6. So much for a dry August in Steinbach. We had only received about 25mm of rain up until today for the entire month. With today's deluge of 25mm or more, we should easily double the rainfall total, or more.

    In terms of the record books, it will be a very close call as to whether this month will be above or below average for total rain. Most likely, it will end up near normal...although not representative of the relatively dry conditions for the vast majority of the month.

  7. Over 35 mm now as of 9:05 pm at my site.. bringing my August total over 156 mm. Normal is around 75, so we've had twice the average. And it still keeps coming down.. radar still shows moderate to heavy rain advecting over Winnipeg for the next hour or so. Morris has had an incredible 67 mm past 2 hours, for a whopping total of 97 mm today (MB ag-wx site) Many RRV sites reporting 30-50 mm totals so far today. Ground can't take any more.. water table is very high here.

  8. Storm total in Steinbach is about 40mm today. Looks like August will end up above normal for rainfall after all...

  9. Make that 166 mm as of 10:00 pm at your site!

    Hopefully those thunderstorms stay to the east of the city!

  10. I have to admit... this is one of the most WIDESPREAD soakings I have ever seen in quite some time!

    Looking at the radar is not over yet!
    Another deluge with those thunderstorms advecting in from North Dakota!

  11. Sounds like Southern Manitoba got a real good soaking!

    Now much rain could we get with this next system Rob????

  12. I had a rain measurement event on Tuesday and I collected 41 mm on my front lawn South River heights, near the Grant/Kenaston interchange. A few days before I collected 20 mm. When will this stop?

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