Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Format changes to Rob's Obs

I made a few changes to my main website today. The main change is the addition of a new drop down menu that replaces the older clunky one I had (thanks Daniel for the script) The drop down menu is a little more organized than before, with some new menu links including "CURRENT OBS", "SIG WX" and "PRECIP". Radar menu is dropped in favour of just clicking on the radar image to get to the new and improved radar page. "CURRENT OBS" displays latest observations from weather stations across southern MB and elsewhere (see "LATEST OBS" page for a quick overall summary) "PRECIP" menu will link you to all pages related to precipitation and rainfall. See the PRECIP PAGE link to get the local weather stations rainfall readings that used to be displayed on my previous layout. Also, I've replaced the Weatherbonk temperature plot with a new local temperature map (from Gorilla Wx)

Hopefully you find these changes an improvement to the site, especially for site navigation. Comments welcome. I've noticed the new drop down menu has a little time lag before it downloads (don't know why), so be patient for it. If you prefer the old layout, you can still access it at http://members.shaw.ca/wpgwx/robsobs/homeold.htm


  1. The snow around here is really dwindling. Out on the open prairie just outside Steinbach there isn't much snow left, with today being 6 and tomorrow 10 degrees I doubt any will be left by the weekend. Because that prairie area resides right up against Steinbach, we should benefit from that area being snow-free. Areas around houses in the city are the only spots left with significant snow. I guess because it is more awkward for the sun to hit those areas.

    Nice website update Rob!

  2. Rob...

    I was looking at some observations from last night in Western Manitoba. I found something that seemed quite unusual. In Dauphin starting at 21:00 and ending at 10:00 (Tuesday - Wednesday) here are the temperature obs:

    21: -6
    22: -6
    23: -10
    00: -11
    01: -9
    02: -7
    03: -7
    04: -9
    05: -10
    06: -5
    07: -4
    08: -12
    09: -3
    10: -1

    As you can see the temperature jumps around all night. Going from -10 to -5 in one hour as the night goes on. Then going from -4 to -12 in one hour. The only thing I noticed is that when the wind picked up a bit (5 to 10km/h) the temperature went up. And when the wind calmed down, the temperature went down. What would cause this? Conditions were clear all night, which I think would mean a relatively constant temperature pattern. No significant changes in wind direction???

  3. Ahh yes.. temperature forecasting for Dauphin. Always a challenge!

    Dauphin's temperature can do some strange things due to the effects of the nearby Riding Mountains. A southwest wind at Dauphin will be a downslope wind off the Riding Mtns (kind of like a mini-chinook) that can raise the temperature 5 to 10 degrees in a short time. If the wind drops or changes direction, the temperature can drop just as dramatically especially with clear skies and snowcover.

    You will often see Dauphin as the warmest place some nights with gusty southwest winds keeping their temperature well above everyone else.

  4. Joe.


  5. Last nite's fog has burned off in all places except of course the red river basin. Even with a southwest flow which is good trajectory for mixing low level gunk (moisture and cold)... the fog/mist is hanging on in the Winnipeg area. Temperatures would soar if we could break out into sunshine. The last few satellite images show the area of low clouds shrinking significantly, so we may see the sun after all (well one can hope anyways).

  6. Very interesting to see this convective activity outside today. A "dark" cloud is passing by my house, a large towering cumulus cloud. Although it is just a passing shower, it is a nice reminder summer is on the way. Just East of Grand Forks there is some "serious" activity going on, perhaps even a weak thundershower down there.

    Will we see this convection continue into tomorrow?