Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oh no.. say it ain't snow!

Oh oh.. looks like Winnipeg and Southern Mb may be looking at a white Halloween as a storm system from Montana moves over the Dakotas on Monday bringing the potential for accumulating snow Monday into Monday night across the area. Models are indicating that this storm system will intensify over North Dakota on Monday, bringing a swath of snow from southwest MB through the Red River valley and southern Interlake regions. At this point, it appears that 10 to 15 cm of snow is possible over Southern MB, with up to 20 cm over higher elevations of southwest MB such as the Turtle Mtns and Pilot Mound areas. This same storm system is producing snow across southern Alberta today including Calgary (check out the Calgary webcam today to see what we may be in for tomorrow!)

Snow from this system should start falling over southwest MB overnight into Monday morning, spreading into Winnipeg by midday Monday or early afternoon. Snow will quickly increase in intensity through the afternoon into the evening with 10 cm possible by midnight. The snow will likely begin as wet melting snow in Winnipeg initially as temperatures will be above zero by the time the snow starts, but will drop to the freezing mark as the snow intensifies. The Monday afternoon rush hour could be a sloppy slow one if this pans out. The storm should clear out by Tuesday morning, but it’s not likely that the snow will melt in time for Halloween trick or treating Tuesday evening. Get the boots ready!


  1. Yikes.. new model guidance this morning suggests even heavier snow now for Winnipeg Monday night along with strong northwest winds. We could be looking at near blizzard conditions here Monday night!

  2. EC has issued a snowfall warning for Winnipeg and much of southern MB for Monday calling for 10 to 15 cm of snow with up to 20 cm in some areas. This one looks like the real deal.. get ready for some snowing and blowing by this time tomorrow!

  3. I'm afraid I'm still skeptical about precipitation. I hope we get it, the heavier the better. Maybe my front door will stop dragging if we get a decent amount of moisture. Precipitation seems to have a way of dissolving before it reaches us. So many times last summer I watched heavy radar returns advancing on Winnipeg and at the last minute disappear! I guess we must return to something resembling normal precipitation sooner or later... I hope this is it.

  4. This one looks like a pretty good bet that it's going to hit Winnipeg with something. All the model guidance is consistent that the storm will bring a swath of heavy snow from southwest MB into the Red River valley and interlake areas Monday into Monday night. Snow is spreading into eastern Montana right now and should continue to spread east-northeast overnight reaching southwest MB by morning and Winnipeg by midday or so. Monday night looks especially bad for Winnipeg and the Red River valley with strong northwest winds and poor visibility in snow and blowing snow as the storm intensifies just to our southeast.

    By the way, that forecast low of -8 for Winnipeg tonight is not likely to happen. We're still at 0C at 9 pm and overcast. With all the cloud, and only a -3C dewpoint, we probably won't get much lower than -3 or -4.