Friday, February 19, 2010

Dull but mild weekend..

Cloudy dull weather is expected over the weekend as a stagnant weather pattern persists over the Prairies. This will result in generally cloudy skies and light winds persisting through Sunday with occasional light flurries and local fog patches. Temperatures will be slightly above normal through the period with afternoon highs around -5C. The extensive area of low cloud will begin to break up Monday as westerly winds increase a bit. Long range models are indicating little in the way of significant weather over southern MB over the next 7 to 10 days as weather systems track well to our north or south.


  1. Why we get cloudy skies if temperatures rises? But if it's cold it's sunny.

  2. Clouds act like an insulator.. trapping the heat of the earth down near the surface, much like a blanket. Clear skies allow surface heat to escape into the upper atmosphere, (more evident at night) resulting in colder temperatures.

    Also, warm air can hold more moisture, so if you have warmer more moist air moving over a cold snow covered surface, the moist air will condense into cloud. Colder air is usually drier and associated with sinking air which tends to limit cloud development.