Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another cold snap

Well, like it or not (and I suspect most people are in the latter category) another cold snap is on the way, as the weather pattern of February persists into March. Another Arctic high is poised to push south across the Prairies over the next day or two, bringing yet another cold snap to southern MB. Temperatures will be well below normal this week, with daily highs in the minus teens and lows in the minus 20s. In fact, we may even get close to the -30 mark again by Thursday or Friday morning (and you thought it was safe to put that block heater cord away!) Temperatures will be moderating over the weekend into next week, but at this point, there doesn't appear to be a major pattern change to signal a welcome sign of spring. Note that last year at this time, we had twice as much snow on the ground as this year... however mild temperatures in the last 10 days of the month quickly eliminated the snowpack by the 28th. Here's hoping it happens again this year!

Speaking of snowpack.. thank you to the city of Winnipeg snowcrew who put a mountain of snow halfway up my front lawn today (and chewed up half my lawn along with it!). As it wasn't tough enough to get rid of the snow that's out there already, now I have to watch Mount Everest slowly melt away in front of my house. Leave it on the boulevard next time please!!


  1. do you really think that we have a shot at - 30 for a overnight low?
    Cause I picked - 30 in your "POLL"
    I be really mad if it hits -29.4!!!!

  2. Yes, looks like -30 is within reach both early Thursday and Friday mornings here in Winnipeg, especially at the airport early Thursday with a light northwest drainage wind. But whether we hit -29 or -31.. it's still too darn cold for this time of year. Looking forward to those milder temperatures next week!

  3. That light northwest drainage wind is doing its thing for the airport.. down to -26C there already while it's "only" -18 to -20C across most of the city. Looks like the airport will easily hit that -30 mark overnight as that northwest flow persists.. might be a tougher mark to hit for the rest of the city, especially downtown and southeast Winnipeg.